What kind of pedal is used for solos? I currently have a Supra Distortion pedal but am looking to get a few new things and already have a half-stack and guitar picked out and am looking for other stuff to buy for the band I am in. We are going to start recording soon and doing gigs, etc.

A whole lot. Guitarists will get loads of pedals on a board, and mix and match different settings and pedals for different sounds. There is no one specific pedal. But distortion is a good place to start. Try a wah pedal, or reverb, or chorus. Just expand and see what you can come up with.
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there's no specific pedal to use for a solo. some people use a tubescreamer, some an eq boost, some a menagerie of assorted pedals, some nothing. find what solo sound you like and just make sure it cuts through the mix.
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I'm looking to play hard rock/metal and that kind of stuff. I'm not all that good yet but am getting better. I can finally get the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine.. is that hard or easy? Lol.
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