yea what the hell does that mean? My friend was trying to teach me a year ago but i never caught on.
well lets start with the basics i guess..

lets say there is something that goes like this:


ok, so the "h" in the 1h2 part means to hammer-on

and what a "hammer on" is, is you pluck the first note (in this case 1) and quickly lay your other finger on the 2 without plucking the string. With me so far?
The lines are the strings. The number on the line means you press down that fret on that string__________________
B|------------------------1-<this"one" means you press down the first fret on the "b" string>
A|---------------------------- There is usually a "symbol glossary" at the bottom.

Got it n00b?
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hammer on is hammering your finger on the fret board instead of plucking the string, and pull off is pulling it off the string to make another noise, again no plucking

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Now the "p" in the 2p1 part means to "pull-off" and a pull off is the exact opposite of a hammer-on.

Instead of plucking the 1 and laying your finger on the 2, you pluck the 2 and keep a different finger on the 1. and then you quickly pull off the 2 and you will hear the 1 without plucking. (sorry my instructions aren't the clearest..
for the first part keep you fingers on a D the move onto

-----2--------- a one of thos shaps close to a Dminor and pluck away m8
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