i have been playing guitar for several months now and along the way ive been learning bunches and bunches of songs and trying to improvise and stuff but through all that there has been one glaring problem. no its not the quality of the stuff im playing, its that after all this time i still dont use my pinky on the fret board. its never erally been a problem since ive managed to learn all the songs just fine but its definatly something i will need to be able to do to progress as a guitarist. i know there are all these exercises to do for it but i dont really know when im supposed to use it in playing so even if a do the exercises i dont know where to apply them. Suggestions..?
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practice practice practice with it. there is no pill or fast solution to being a better player. half the people who come onto this sight are always looking for some kind of instruction that will magically make them a better guitarist. i dont mean to be a dick about it but THE ONLY WAY you will ever become a better guitarist is to sit down and practice with EVERYTHING youve got and more. no tablature, online lesson, or stupid miracle technique is going to ever make you any better. you have to have the drive and urge to be better and practice. if anything, getting advice from people about your own guitar progression is only going to slow you down and make you play like they do. a lot of people might argue this because they want to believe in a miracle solution but it is 100% true.
get out of hte habbit RIGHT NOW!!!!!
i know a guy whos been playing for years, hes good but he never uses his pinky. he is now (years after establishing the problem) trying to break the habbit and having a horriable time, just stop now.
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if you wanna strenghten your pinky I find that you should fret your ring finger somewhere on the fretboard and then fret your pinky next to it and do that loads and move it around, up and down the fretboard. Also the chromatic scale is another good one for your pinky. But yeah practice practice practice.
I think I must have a freakishly strong pinky because I've always preferred to play with it. Weird.
Try learning to solo riff to Fall to Pieces by Velvet Revolver, good pinky movement there.
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I'm still a beginner, but i'm pretty good with my pinky so far. The way I learned to use my pinky was by doing finger excersises, practicing chords that use the pinky, and doing tabs.
the intro to sweet child o'mine by gnr is a good way to get ur pinky to do what it needs to do when u need it errr somethin like that
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Too Many to list.
Play some songs were stretching your hand out is required. Songs were the pinky is completly necessary to play.

Or play scales. Actually, that will definitly get your pinky involved in your playing
Yeah there are suggested fingers which you should use. Eg first frets are all your first finger, 2nd fret middle and 3rd fret well.. obviously.

And yeah unless you follow a system eg: fret 1,5,9,13 = first finger(index) then i find that if you dont repeat this system of fretting you just use any of your 3 fingers that works the best to play in the higher frets.

But recently I agree breaking the habit would be better now. I played for a few weeks with my hand grounded by the pinky(picking hand) while i pick notes, so basically my hand picked while my pinky, sometimes 4th finger were grounded to the guitar body. I found this actually made me slower for practicing things, it was HELL(even being a beginner and having not played for awhile) to break this short habit. I found it hell to just hold my hand freely in the air and pick strings , i felt like i was lost without that grounded finger to where my hand was.

Anyway after a few days i've gotten used to the free floating hand feeling, and speed is definitely unhindered/more free moving without being grounded.

SO yeah bad habits are bad.. so yeah in the higher frets if your playing 14th fret, then 10th, instead of using one finger, then sliding all the way down quickly to the 10th fret, i reckon stretch your hand: pinky on 14th, index on 10.

Then again i could be wrong with that thinking, I mean i am a Noob. Just my take on the pinky/how im combatting it.

Cos yeah , like you i realise that alot of more advanced guitarists use it, and sinc ei hadnt been using it i thought i better bloody well get a move on haha ;D