mmm...read em over and over again, and sing them also, I got a gig in 4 days so I know that the pressure is on.
I just joined a band, and i've been given 6 songs to learn from scratch to play a show in less than 3 weeks,

the only advice i can give you is live the lyrics...

wake up...practice

take a dump...practice

have a break for lunch,

then continue practicing,

it's a pain in the ass, but far better than looking like a tool on stage,

other things that help are having audio cues, like in the songs, link them to words so that way you at least have a vague idea of what you have to sing
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worst part is
i have to remember these guitar solos, but i'm a rythm player!

but thanks!
i guess if i just like read/sing through them 5 times each day i'll probly remember
When it comes to memorizeing lyrics, I tend to memorize the first line, and then remember the idea that flows from it. (Of course, if you forget that first line, you're screwed.)
Just don't forget the first line.

And sing along with recordings of songs A LOT.

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dont stop reading them dont stop reading them dont stop reading them, have i stressed dont stop reading them enough. the best idea and this works for me as a guitarist that does lead vocals in a band. When the words are done just keep going over them over and over and over again in your head till your sure you got it then sing them out loud over and over then play the guitar part and sing them out loud over and over again
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If i know the first line of a verse, the rest tends to follow.

If they're your own songs, don't be afraid to sing the same verse twice- people wont notice

I've only ever completely gone wrong once. I was singing paranoid infront of a completely new crowd, all of them were bikers in their 50's. My mind went blank, in the truest sense. I just had to stop because i realy couldn't remember it at all. They almost lynched me.
reherse them as a band, and make a mix of those songs without the vocals, so you can reherse vocals and lyrics without the band there
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My singer forgot a line in Seek and Destroy at a gig one day

So he sang " And we won't leave 'til we drink all the beer "

And he frequently improvises lyrics live for new original songs

He has also messed up completely ( starting the chorus in the middle of the verse ) but he recovers so quickly, and makes his mistakes seem like he meant it.

People that have heard us many times don't even know it when he does

A good singer remembers all of the lines, a really good singer can recover without breaking a sweat
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