Hello i am Tailsop and i would like it if anyone can help out with a few Jrock bands for guitar pro. here's a list Straightener,SUNSGRIND,more songs for Ellegarden,Back-on please thank you.
thanks for the straightener tab but thats like the easyest song they made can you look for others and please put them on guitar pro. thank you
For the band (Straightener) can someone help get these songs on guitar pro? Traveling Gargoyle,Play star guitar,Train,Discography. For the band (back on) can you get NEW WORLD and chain on guitar pro please. and for (Ellegarden) i just need the song Salamander please i really need these songs on guitar pro.
Yo dude,

You can't bump your own thread, let alone like 3 times. If someone can't help, then they can't help.