Hey.. I was spending the afternoon rather lazily.
And i suddenly thought of designing a guitar using Autocad in 3D.

Is it possible? Like how do u draw the contoured body of a guitar in autocad?
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It's definently possible, using various arc commands, etc. In 3d though, it will be quite difficult.
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use a cad program made to work in 3d like Inventor or Solidworks.

altho, these programs are not cheap!
Oh AutoCAD, how you plague me. I'm a certified drafter with the ADDA and a guitar would be quite difficult. I've seen the 2D done but 3D would take some crazy contour effects. Maybe if you tried something with less curves on multiple axi(?) and more just an extruded face made of splines (in one path), then you could create some odd form of a guitar. That, or 3ds Max.

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ohh. I have inventor, mechanical desktop and autocad 2007 all in my pc.. Thx to my school! Im learning engineering currently. But am nowhere near drawing a guitar on autocad. lol

I have a autocad test tomorrow, covering sectioning, assembly drawing and 3d.

I hate assembly.
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well i made a smiley face in autocad....and a table once..in grade 8..what do i win? :P
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i made a guitar on it before after a weeks work experience, but seriously use maya or 3d studio max
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I did this using SolidWorks. I've never used AutoCAD but I assume it would still be possible.

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Any pictures of the guitars u created?
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