Hey guys Ive got a pretty BIG problem.

When I record, whether its through line out or microphone, when I play it through its always panned about 99% to the left speaker, a TINY bit can be heard on the right.

Ive figured it isnt the speakers, as Ive tried 2 as well as the built in monitor speakers and I get the same thing!

Ive tried panning the tracks in Adobe premier, and when I move the knob toward the right or middle, the recording just get quiter and quieter, when its panned 100% to the right its completely silent, AS WELL as the fact it DIDNT ACTUALLY PAN THE TRACKS. They just got quieter!

Im really frustrated with this, I think Im going insane.
Help greatly apreciated for any solution ideas!
i hate to say this...but i dont see any other reason for this except that your right monitor is completely screwed i mean has it been dropped or anything like that...or blown even? I cant think of anything else. Are you sure everything is connected as well?
maybe so...maybe so young one.

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Yeah, your right channel might be blown, or it might be in mono?
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nah, his right channel's blown. a mono signal will still play through both speakers if theyre connected, it just won't sound quite as good.
go down the signal line checking one thing at a time.

is the mixer working?
how about your cables?
try putting headphones on the output of your sound card...or just a pair of computer speakers...
change settings on the recording software and try different softwares/settings.

it could be many things but to me it sounds like a dead sound card.
Are you recording in Mono?
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