Just listening to them there.
Tis been a while and I had forgotten how much i love them.
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yeah down kick ass. NOLA is such a good album. when is down III out though?
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i would rather have a guitar in place of my organs, OR CANDY
Autumn some time. Being recorded at the moment, as far as I know.
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They said it'd be out sometime in September when I saw them back in March. The new song they played (I,Scream) was pretty awesome so I'm very excited for the new one. Not to mention the fact that I listened to both of the other cds to death, though NOLA will never get old in my mind.
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just started listening to them for the first time in ages. odd this thread should be here at the same time. anywho, Nola is my favourite. i love Stone the Crow and Bury Me in Smoke.
always want to listen to them and Sabbath together. i think coz live they go from Bury Me in Smoke into Symptom of the Universe \m/
They have some songs that are always good listening each time, but overall I don't find anything special in them anymore.

But Ghost along the Mississippi and New Orleans is a Dying ***** kick ass!
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