The growling sounds a lot like Reagan from The Exorcist movie. I think if you could calm make the voicing more in line with the song, softer and clearer, OR make the music heavier then that voice would work. Deep voices are fine, but I think it's way to much for what is in the song. I thought you were going to sound like Interpol there for a second.

I did really love the instruments however, I just the growl voice really takes away from the musical talent.
for sure, the screaming really did sound like it was out of the exorcist. ummm, you guys are really melodic.... and I would think more of a mix of clean vox and not so....throaty? screams. Maybe he sounds better live i dunno... everything was awesome but the vocals took a lot out of it for me. Your girl singer wasn't too bad, seemed a little weak. But I really do love your music.
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