Hey guys, just wanted to know what you all think of the Lick Library series. I'm going to ask my cousin to buy them for me.

Also, I'm leaning more towards the "theory & technique" type DVDs rather than the "Learn to play like this guy/learn to play songs by this band" DVDs that Lick Library also has.
Ive found them useful, I have most of em and the technique dvds are very good.
The "learn to play" stuff is good but if you have tabs or Guitar Pro then it may not seem worth it although i still enjoy them.
Although any of the Danny Gill lessons are worth having because he's a great teacher.

More my opinion than advice but thats my 2 cents,

Yeah, I've also heard people say that Danny Gill is a clear and concise teacher.

Since you have the DVDs, could you recommend any of them for me? I'm still a beginner with theory (no idea what keys/scales/modes are). and I'm looking to learn how to play rock and metal. I'm also an aspiring shredder.
Also, do the DVDs come with tablature? Or does the tab appear on screen during the video?
Sorry for taking so long.

They dont come with tabs or notation onscreen which is why I said if you have a good tab it could be better cuz you actually have to remember everything by rewinding BUT if you want technique stuff then go with em.

I play classic rock so I dont really have schredding style dvds and to be honest they dont make many from LL.

Having said that you could look in to some of these;

Learn To Play 50 Killer Metal Licks- Danny Gill
The Guitar Aerobics series (good stuff in general) - Danny Gill
Kill Guitar Techniques- Dave Kilminster (more for rock as it covers sweeping, tapping and picking but still good)
The Metal Edge Series, covers the entire metal style, probably your best bet- Andy James

Plus you could look into the Learn to Play dvds of any bands you like.

I dont actually own all the ones Ive listed as Im not a shredder like I said.

My best advice is to rent them first, either from a store or online service, that way youre not paying a lot of cash for something thats not right.

I own a few of them (just 'Learn To Play [band name]' ones), various different guys doing them, and they're pretty good, but you need to be able to following them easily, i.e., you need to already have down most basic techniques and have at least a basic understanding of theory. Otherwise you'll probably get quite lost, since on most of them they don't stop and do anything like "this finger here, this one here, this is called [whatever]", etc etc. It's mostly "play a [chord name] and now a then then , now we go into the [scale name] scale and go [a ton of notes really fast]".

It's never hyper-advanced stuff (depends on the lesson really of course), but you do need to have at least some general knowledge or I'd imagine you'll just get lost with them.
Man, I should really check back on my own thread more often.

Since the DVDs don't come with tabs, can I purchase them from the website? The technique vids would pwn if only they had some friggin tablature! It's not the most convenient thing to keep popping in the DVD and rewinding over and over again just to memorize the exercise when I can practice by just looking at the tab.
I have 3, The Eagles, The Beatles Volume 2 and Cassic Rock Guitar Solos, Danny Gill does the Eagles and from a beginers point of veiw I find his teaching style far better than the other 2 being, Micheal Casswell doing the Beatles, this is very good but perhaps a bit more technical.
I wish I had tallent and ability.

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I bought two or three Lick Library courses. The instructors are OK. What blindsided me, and is not included on these series, is the exclusion of the licks tabbed out on a PDF file. Another absence is any fretboard display follow-along on the screen shots.

It's just the instructor talking about the lick and playing it. They have two screen shots - the fingering on the frets and showing the picking hand.

What could easily be a fine series comes up very, very short for the lack of PDF tabs and/or a screen window following what's going on. I do not believe the rationale that these aren't included due to copyright issues, etc. And this becomes even more puzzling when some of the guitarists who's style is taught by another instructor are there to endorse Lick Library in their dvd intros.

I dismiss the absence of these two very useful learning tools as an unjustifiably incomplete product that is not ready for the market. If you don't care for PDF tabs and/or fretboard note follow-along, then order away.

Until these folks complete their products, I'm looking at other learning sites and DVDs packaged with books. I guess they offer a refund, but I was so disappointed I just didn't bother. Fooled me once. They don't actually deceive. But they never mention the exclusion of tabs on this series. I suppose that's their right. So it is buyer beware. I thought at least PDFs would be included as a no-brainer and, boy, was I wrong.

For me, there are several alternative guitar learning resources that give much more bang for my buck. I'm not out to plug any of them because that's a personal decision for what works best for me. Bottom line for me: This series could be great and I'd buy again if they put more effort into including decent learning aids that have no logical reason to be absent from this series. Dissappointed.