Compare these pickups by how they sound.

490R humbucker
498T humbucker

compared to....

EMG-81/85 humbuckers
*Gibson SG
*Fender Strat
*B.C. Rich NJ Series Mocking Bird

*Ibanez PF series acoustic
*Ibanez AE 30
well, the 490 and 498's are surprisingly hot. They are what are in my gibson SG, and they are more powerful than my other guitarists Seymours. I have a noise supressor, but i still get squeels, unless i turn my tone knob on my bridge pup all the way to 0. His doesn't need to be turned down, so my pups are much hotter than his.

EMG's however are active, so they are much more responsive to subtle changes you make with the tone knob, preamps, etc. They are also much more powerful, so it will sound like a pissed off beaver getting ready to bite off your nipple.

There you go.