Ok, some background first. I'm probably getting a Laney LC-X (might be 15R or 30 according to how much money I can get, I'm not made of gold). I was told that it wouldn't do high gain stuff very well, so I should get an OD pedal, and that the best pedal was the Maxon OD9. I have some doubts about it, mainly because I've read that it can't do high gain stuff.

Now, don't get me wrong with that, I want it to do high gain stuff (such as Metal and Hard Rock, not death metal or anything like that, more of that Megadeth kind of crunchy sound), but I also want it to be able to give me some warm blues tone and some mid gain drive. I can't afford to buy more than one pedal, so versatility is the key word. And I know that with that amp I won't be able to pull out Megadeth (I'm only using Megadeth as an example of the drive I'm going after), but I want to get to that drive as close as I can.

On the other hand, I've read about Ibanez Tubescreamers, and that Maxon was the one that designed them. Of course Maxon's must be higher quality (because if it designed them theirs must be a lot better), but is the OD9 really worth the extra $50? (TS9 costs $99 in Musiciansfriend, OD9 goes for $149).

Also, bear in mind that here in Uruguay we don't get many pedals, so I can't try either of them out. So summing it up, I'd like to get a decent pedal with a lot of tonal options as to go from warm bluesy tone to metal rhythm and lead. I might use the amp's OD channel for blues, since it isn't that high gain, but to control it with a pedal would be best. Am I wanting the impossible or is there some pedal out there that suits me? And don't worry about the price range, I'll work around it.

Thanks for taking the time to read such a long post .

EDIT: I've heard both of the sound clips, and the OD9 sounded like a wet dream to my ears, but I'm really wondering if it's worth the extra $50.

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well if it sounded like a wet dream to your ears i think that finding tone that you love is definately worth the extra $50
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