Before anyone says anything, I searched a few times and no threads discussed my exact problem. Or at least I couldn't find them.

As the name says, I want to know how to wire 2 humbuckers (14k and 16k, if thats relevant) to 1 volume, 1 tone, and a 3 way toggle. I want the positions on the 3 way to be neck, bridge, and both in the centre position.

I don't actually have the supplies yet, but I'm getting 2 matched 14k and 16k brudge and neck humbuckers.

I think I will also need

2 - 500k pots
1 - 3 way toggle switch
1 - .020 uF capacitor
1 - Mono Output Jack
How many inches of shielded wire? I'm not too sure on the exact amount.

So can some one tell me if this diagram is right, and what the heck it even means?

And if its not right, provide me with one that is?
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