can anyone tell me what i have to do to use my pc internet connection on my laptop.
too skint to get a router so im gonna have to use an ethernet cable.

my pc has xp, my laptop has vista.

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Hey. I'm not sure about whether it will work with Vista (probably will). You can connect the two together with a crossover cable, this is important, a standard cat5 (Ethernet cable) won't do. MAKE SURE you get one with the word crossover on it, otherwise you've just bought a very expensive bit of string. Then in Xp, as far as I'm aware, you can enable a thing called internet connection sharing. Its in control panel - network connections (or something) then right click on the network connection (probably something like lan or Ethernet 1) then properties. A menu will come up and you click on the tcp/ip options then it should be in there. It works with xp to xp and xp to xbox/360. Sorry about being so vague, I'm typing on a mac so I can't check. If that doesn't work, google 'windows xp internet connection sharing' as far as I'm aware M/soft have a page on it. Again sorry about being vague! Hope this helps.
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You could just take the cable out the back of your pc and plug it in your laptop.
nice one. cheers.
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