I nearly cried when this happened. It didn't happen to me personally but earlier today I was at a gig. The second band came on and one of the guitarists had a beautiful white Gibson LP that he had had for 10 years. The strap fell off the guitar and the head smashed against the floor and the headstock cracked and came apart from the guitar. The poor guitarist was practically in tears. It was a sad moment....Any moments like this happen to you? Or what are your thoughts on this?
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My father went to a Dickey Betts concert (He played and composed for The Allman Brothers Band). Anyways he had a little too much to drink, and he was playing a gold Les Paul (Gibson, of course). At the end of the show, he just unhooked the strap, and let the guitar fall to the floor, as he walked off.

Speaking of which, in my opinion, Dickey Betts is on of the best composers in Rock Music.
I was playing Mario Kart 64 with my older brother, and we were racing on Rainbow Road. So around the second lap I landed the shortcut perfectly and my brother got mad and threw his controller at my head breaking it. I cried.
am in tears just reading that...............

one time i was watching a band and the guitar just broke clean in 2 in his hands...
am still not sure how he manage to do it
must have been a crap guitar

I cracked the pickguard of my acoustic, no big deal really.
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I was playing Mario Kart 64 with my older brother, and we were racing on Rainbow Road. So around the second lap I landed the shortcut perfectly and my brother got mad and threw his controller at my head breaking it. I cried.

the controller.... or the head?
And what is more, there's been a bloody purple nose and some bloody purple clothes that were messing up the lobby floor. It's just apartment house rules so all you 'partment fools remember : one man's ceiling is another man's floor.
i turned around and knocked one of my tuners on the wall and bent it
My friend likes to swing his guitar around when he plays and he did that with his Telecaster and it flew off and then hit the wall breaking it.

He was in tears and so was I because he was going to sell me that Tele.
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the controller.... or the head?
The controller. It was a nice one too, the blue see-through one.
pete townsend never cried.
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my dad used to be in a band in the '80s...he was playing his black gibson LP custom with 3 humbuckers and custom kahler trem system, he had "a little" too much to drink and everyone was going wild and at the end he jumped on the neck and it cracked in half...he got it fixed but it is still blatantly obvious that the neck was broken
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Wow bro, I can kind of see how that would feel. Just such a complete irreplaceable loss. I haven't owned a guitar long enough to feel that way if mine broke, even though I will have my guitar forever and I do love it. Now my dad has an Ibanez Musician from the 80's that he loves, like its been HIS guitar for over 20 years. If that guitar was destroyed, he'd definitely be depressed.
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I have a Jackson JS-30 RR and one time I got home late from a party I decided to play some guitar. As in almost all the stories here, I had had too much to drink. So when I sat down with the guitar I somehow managed to kind of bash the shorter egdy ponit of the guitar right into my stomach. It hurt.
I was at my school's Battle of the Bands this year.

One of the bands who was playing, Silence In Stereo, had a massive breakdown, and had 2 other guitarists from a previous band come out on stage, along with 2 other singers, and a headbanger.

Anyways, the guitarist for Silence in Stereo was playing a Squire Strat, and one of the guest guitarists was playing an amazingly beautiful Gibson Les Paul Studio. As soon as the guest ran out onto the stage, his headstock smacked against the headstock of the Squire.

The Squire had 2 or 3 broken strings, and the Gibson came out with a 3 inch long, 1 inch wide, and half inch deep chunk missing from the headstock. It was pretty depressing. Didn't f**k up the guitar at all, though. Still plays well.
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