I've played bass guitar for about two and a half years. By now I've become an extremely proficient player, with an style that somehow crosses funk, rock, shred metal, and blues. My fingertips are very hard and callused from thousands of hours of playing time, but my left index finger (fretting hand) has a tendency to hurt, even when I'm not playing. This is not an issue that a beggining player would deal with, where the strings feel as if they were cutting into the fingertips. My pain comes from pressure on the fingertip, and is felt beneath the skin. Strangely enough, I've gotten the most relief by tearing off the callus, but even that doesn't help much any more. My next option will probably be to use crazy glue or liquid band-aid to seal the finger off and allow it to heal, but I'm not sure if that will help. Has any other player, guitar or bass, had a similar problem?
i wish i could build up my calluses. everytime they get somewhat hard they start to peel. but yeah id see a doctor incase its bad.
see a doc, but u might be pinching a nerve with excess skin or something, you the tendon might be hurt
i had something similiar once and i was worried....mine went away in about a week but if it sticks around longer than a week or two i'd see a doctor.
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This isn't unusual, I have the same problem occasionally. After it starts hurting when you press down on a bass string, its going to hurt when you press down on anything else, thats how it works. Take a day or two off from playing(I know it may be hard) and start building back into your regular practice routine a little at a time. Calluses should go away and your fingertip should become naturally hard like your fingers on your right hand(if you use your fingers).

Also, excessive sliding up and down the fretboard on a fretted bass can cause what you are experiencing.

Until you get better, you can tape up your left index finger so it won't stunt your practicing that bad, or just take the day or two off like I mentioned earlier.
This can happen if you get a blister under a callous--it happened once to a guitarist friend of mine and it hurt like hell for about 5 days.

Like revelation said, if it continues to hurt beyond a week or so, see a doctor to make sure it isn't something more serious.
mine does too on my bass, i stopped it by not poppin for a while lol. it worked.
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Sorry to hear. I got arthritis in both hands and im deaf in my left ear =(
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It might be a carpal tunnel. i'd get that checked out soon.

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It might be a carpal tunnel. i'd get that checked out soon.

Its probably not carpal tunnel--normally with carpal tunnel, there's numbness and / or tingling in the fingers and the pain is more localized in the wrists, palms or forearms. Its esp. bad at night. You also have issues holding or grabbing objects with your hands.

But again, there are a bunch of things that can cause finger pain--from ulcers to arthritis, and only a doctor can determine what the root cause is..