This is really great. Is the whole CD like this? If so i want a copy.
Ah get born, keep warm
Short pants, romance, learn to dance
Get dressed, get blessed
Try to be a success
thank you, and yes, the whole cd, or ep rather (hoping for about 7 songs) will be like this.
So if you'd like a copy, pm me periodically, or towards the end of august/september and i can probably send you a copy via aim/putfile/whateva.

thanks again!
It sounds very programmed, which is bad. Everything sounds like its being done by a robot, and doesn't flow at all, so it sounds lame an stoic. Your crash cymbal was far too compressed, unless you want a crash that sounds like its been distorted the hell out oh, which sound very bad. I do like the piano outro though. Overall, the drums seem way oversaturated and need serious revamping, as they are pounding my subwoofer in a very negative fashion. Other than that, cool ideas you laid down, cause in the end, its all about creativity

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First of all, thanks for the crit on my song. Now to your wacky piece. The drums are very compressed but I like it. I like the melody and how it leads well to the next lick (if you will; I know it's techno). The piano is great. Very well written. I would like a copy of this when it's done.
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Hey dude, thanks for having taken the time to listen to my song!

Writing while listening:
I like how you "build" this tune, starting with a simple melody and adding more and more to it. I know this concept is not new, but you've used it well!
There's a clear structure in your song, beginning, culmination (with strong drums etc.) and ending, this really creates atmosphere and lets it ring out calmly. Nice song, it's got a nice vibe to it and is well produced!