They can be clean jazzy type and metal stuff
Im just really bored so can you recomend me some
see how much of canon rock you can manage. seeing as you want easy i imagine the sweep section are out of the question, and one very fast alt picking section, other than that it isn't too fast
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i gotta say the Ex's And Oh's - Atreyu solo is extremely addicting
and Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
i know a lot of people here hate them but that is one fun solo however extremely easy it is.
i gotta say the Ex's And Oh's - Atreyu solo is extremely addicting

Speaking of Atreyu, 'Right Side of the Bed' is fairly easy.
Oasis - Live Forever.

Great solo there
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well...if you can sweep OKAY, then you should play the lead riff intro and the solos to Bleeding Mascara - Atreyu
they're easy like wow for me but idk, thats just me
they might be considered advanced or intermediate just because of the sweeping...but its easy as hell.