rofl. this could be the soundtrack to a effin' psychotic panic type of film or something, lol. i dunno. it was fun to record! i love my tone on this one, similar to the last, but i backed off the gain, bass, and mids a bit. to get it a little cleaner sounding. got some effed off rhythms in here, and some SPEED, lol. tell me what you all think! maybe if someone would do some vocals for this, like maybe meshuggahish or something really throaty, that would be cool, PM me if you are interested!


made some changes to the boring ass intro
and remixed and mastered.
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Listening to it as I crit. Intro was a little shaky, kind of hard to get into. @ 0:42 = Holy shit! Those drums are amazing! @1:30 nice transition back to the intro. Holy shit! More drums! That was pretty damn cool. The only thing I didn't like was the high notes you played. They feel like they were kinda thrown in there; they didn't feel right, you know? Maybe divebombs would work better, but I don't know.

I'm not sure that needs vocals, it was a headbanger by itself. And I agree, it would feel right at home in a pycho killing spree scene in a movie or something.

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Learn how to edit the velocity on the drums. If you don't edit the velocity it sounds like a machine. The intro was pretty weak, but the song got pretty cool.
thanks for listening! your right, the intro sucked like that! i changed the drums to give it some impact(!).