I just installed Mozilla Firefox *drools*. I love it so much. I've installed a few add-ons and changed my theme. Anybody have any recommendations for cool and/or extremely useful add-ons?
With a name like Yakult, it has to be good. Vote Yakult.

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get 1337key. just to annoy the hell outta people

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Also, definitely, DEFINITELY get StumbleUpon.

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Get the RedShift Theme, and mouse gestures =]
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Its fun

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adblock is a great one to get rid of ads on certain pages. and if you use gmail, the gmail manager is pretty good too.
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adblock +100000. it helps a lot. especially on shady pron zites (that I would never be caught at..... because firefox is set to delete all my history/cookies/temp files/registry/server logs in Madagascar every time I shut it down lol .

how to I get leetkey? I want to send people massive official emails in 1337 that they have to read.
Download helper is ftw if you <3 youtube
And pink shift is the best
But they didn't do it for 2.0 :'(
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Adblock, Forecast Fox, Foxy Tunes, Cooliris, Stumble Upon, Download Manager.
Ah, Firefox.

Doing what IE does now, years in advance.
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