Hey there!

This is my first post on here, but I'd like to get some advice from you guys, so, any help is appreciated!

After a long search for a new guitar, I finally settled on a second hand one, mostly due to my budget, and got myself an Eric Clapton signature strat from 1998.

Obviously, being almost 10 years old, and no doubt under the possession of a guitarist far better than I'll ever be, it's bound to have gained some wear and tear!

So, I was wondering, is there anything I should do, get checked etc, just to make sure the guitar plays as well as it should (given that I learn to play it that well, that is...)

There isn't much physical damage to the guitar at all, a few scratches, a bit of buckle rash, the usual. But, I have noticed, on the neck, on the upper edge of the "skunk" stripe, the varnish seems to be cracking slightly. It's not really all that noticeable but its one of those fidgety little things that annoys me! Is it possible to re-varnish the neck with some kind of specialist varnish, or would it be best just to leave it be?

Hopefully someone can give me even some advice, so, thank-you in advance!

i would leave be the varnish untill it becomes a problem (if it becomes a problem), if the guitars a little old then i would check the electronics on it, maybe replace tuners if they bother you (if not then leave them alone), just basicaly see what bugs you about the guitar and have it fixed
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I think classic model guitars like strats and LP's look a little cooler with a little wear and tear. Just get a proper setup and have them check the electronics, and you're set.