I'm currently using .012-.054 Bronze strings on a Fender Acoustic (DG-10 [that's what it says inside te guitar, I don't really know]). I've been trying to tune to match Andy McKee's stuff os that I can play it... it's some weird tunings for those who don't know. Anyways, I keep breaking strings... so what would you all recommend in order to start being able to tune like that... I know he uses steel... I just don't know whether I can put those on a standard Acoustic... or if I had to have something special... or if there were other solutions to allow me a wider tuning range without buying a new guitar (as a second guitar to have set with different strings or whatever...

I hope that makes sense, as I'm trying to explain what is going on in my head... and I'm a wee-bit drunk...


Thanks for any feedback,

your gonna break your strings if you keep tuning them in and out of standard tuning. Happens to the best of us.

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your A string breaks if you bring it up to a C? what kind of strings are you using? that's kinda ridiculous.

as the guy above said, it might be beneficial for you to let the strings stretch out a bit before tuning up. put them on and tune to standard then let the guitar sit over night, tune back to standard and repeat. play some regular stuff in standard tuning all the while. after a day or two you should be able to tune your A string up to a C without ANY problems.