I've got a problem with my Fulltonewah: I'm searching for the place to put it in my chian(before or after the fuzz, distortion and overdrive) but when I put it after the distortions I basically like the kind of sound, but the treble position of the wah functions in a weird way, and the sound goes from muffled to an unusable piercing sound in a microscopic step... Does anyone knows how can I use the pedal in this way but without that problem?
^if that happens, u just gotta put it before everything. i bet it works good before everything.

but its a nice wah.
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wah at the start, but some people like those weird sounds you describe. but you want the wah sound to be distorted/overdriven not the dist/od to be er.. wah'ed
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Try an EQ pedal after the distortion. I like the instabilities introduced by the wah after distortion.
i think that the order you put a pedal in is preference, you want to get your own sound so you should try what you like
as for the the fulltone wah making all that noise, pedals all react differently to each other so mess around with your chain and you might find away to put the wah after distortion and get the sound you want
i have the crybaby from hell and if you put it before distortion, in my case my metal muff,
you can barely hear the wah at all, it only really works after distortion
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