I just bought the Exodus cd Shovel Headed Killing Machine, and I am really enjoying it so far. I also bought the Arsis cd A Celebration of Guilt, but it has not come in the mail yet. I am kind of new to metal, so I was wondering if I really like these two cds, what other cds would I also enjoy? All answers will be appreciated.
Master of Puppets, Ride The Lightning, Raining Blood, and Number of the Beast
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might want to go into some more melo death with carcass and arch enemy and early in flames along with children of bodom then start opening up to the heavier **** if you want to
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You seem to like riff-oriented metal that is pretty heavy, somewhat technical, and has a sense of melody.

Suidakra - Sign Of The Fallen

Thick, heavy guitar tone with the melodies carrying most of the songs with strong riffs to back them up. The riffs are some of the catchiest ever written.

Neoplasmah - Sidereal Passage

Technical death/thrash with various arrangements pushing riffs through as the songs progress. If you're into fine rhythm guitar work this is something to look at.

Desaster - Tyrants Of The Netherworld

Blackened thrash metal with a strong sense of melody. The key changes are quick to stick in your memory.
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Dark Tranquillity - Character and Fiction are two masterpiece albums
DragonLord - Rapture and Black Wings of Destiny

Hope that helps!
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