I'm thinking about changing the strings on my classical. Thing is, I got 1 year of free set ups from the store where i bought it. So I'm wondering if I should change them myself, or ask my parents to take it down.

Note that i haven't changed Classical guitar Strings before and my guitar is pretty high end so i don't want to damage it.

What do you think?
Well, if you have a year of free service, by all means take advantage of it, but keep this in mind: eventually you'll have to get past your fear and change the strings. I don't know much about classicals, but as far as I know it shoulden't be any different then changing strings on any other acoustic.

Course I could be wrong. Just gotta wait and see how the UG classical gurus reply
Bring it in. Have them to check the action and intonation. Tell him you haven't changed strings on a classical guitar before, and if you can watch while he changes the strings.