My first proper bass was a Jackson/Charvel. It was a Model 3B in white with a set neck, 4-strings, and the P/J pickup combo. It was active, but only had a bass boost, I think. There was a 3-way pickup switch. It was a solid bass, but it was extremely heavy. Jackson/Charvel was a heyday period for the company, and all their instruments were good. I said in another thread that if you're going to get a Jackson, the best ones are from this period.
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My guitarist owns a charvelle(guitar not bass) and i know that thing is great except the tremolo system isn't a floyd rose so it goes out of tune a bit but not that bad...just not as good as a floyd rose would be... I know it plays and sounds great though so i would say that their basses would follow suit.
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My ex-guitarist had a mid-80's jackson/charvel and it played really well. Had the floyd rose system, solid maple body, flame maple top, 2 Jackson humbuckers and a Jackson single coil. Played really really well, but it was annoyingly heavy. So to answer your questions, from what I've experienced they're solid instruments and as for what it's worth, depends on model, features, and what kind of shape it's in