the main reason i want a new amp is to play louder. i have a 15 watt GDEC now, but i always have to run it through a friends pa system to even be able to hear me at band practice. i want another amp that is very versitile like the GDEC and around $400ish. ive been looking around and i have been eyeballin the 120W Line 6 Spider 3. i know i could get a basic amp then just get a Digitech modeling system, but i figured this would be cheaper and a better setup. i mainly play blues, punk, and classic rock, so throw me some of your suggestions and tips
You know that for blues and classic rock you gotta have tubes. Check the used market. Killer amps and decent prices.
what should i look for in a tube amp? how many watts would i need to play small gigs with one? how often do you have to replace tube amp parts?
Small gigs, 15 watts should do you fine. Tubes are usually good for a good few years, maybe once every 2 or 3 years. Look into Crate Palomino V16, Fender blues junior, Fender pro junior, Laneys 15 watt combos, etc. Basically try all the 15 watt tube combos in your music store and see what fits your style.
A vox ad30vt-xl is very veratile it can do metal pretty well and is great for blues. It only cos me 285 euroes
Schecter Damien 6
Epiphone G-400
Digitech RP200A
Valveking. Its pretty cheap but get a distortion and overdrive pedal. cleans are sick and its loud as hell. distortion can be muddy. dont get anything digital (ie a modeling pedal along with a crappy spider) because you wont get a warm sounding tone for blues or classic rock.