I never really heard a classical guitar work until yesterday night and I have been instantly hooked to it. I am wondering about how much a cheap classical guitar would cost and basically anything else that would help me.
$200, the neck is wider, you play them at a different angle than a regular guitar.
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$200, the neck is wider, you play them at a different angle than a regular guitar.

Thank you..
Any manufacturer you recommend? I heard something about Yamaha earlier being good for beginners or something like that.
mine is a Kay, ive never really done any research on the brand. i just walked into my music shop and bought it. but i like it it plays really well.
Are there in Florida that awesome chinese "Star Sun" guitars? They are pretty cheap - maybe too cheap - but despite all the drawbacks they sound very decent.
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Well for the guitar, getting solid wood (sides, back and especially top) would be good. make sure it's solid wood not solid laminate, solid wood. those are going to be more expensive though($1000+)

for the book it depends how serious you are and how much dough you have

serious people w/ money should get

Classical Guitar Pedagogy: A Handbook for Teachers by Anthony Glise (for teachers but extremely helpful in understanding and stuff. absolutley essential if self taught) $60+ on amazon used. worth it's weight in gold(and it's a thick book)

Carcassi Guitar Method from Carl Fisher publishing. normally about $50+ or so on amazon but in this case it's only $16(probably worn). worth it's weight in gold too since it's not bastardized like other renditions of the original. features exercises and scales in every key along with a piece in that key(small but very helpful) numerous techniques, and 50 exercises progressing in difficulty(plus a few other pieces by carcasssi). at the beggining is an explanation of standard notation aswell.

Links will be up in a sec.

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I got an Ibanez, I don't know the model, but it's pretty damned good. The strings are nice (classical strings in general).
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