I am going to be getting a Crate V8 5W Palomino (200$, not 280$), since that is a single channel I will be needing a Distortion Pedal. I play classic rock, tiny bit of blues, and im starting to get into some heavier stuff. Would this be a good pedal for me?

The Palomino by what I read on here can get some heavier stuff itself, so i'd look more into an overdrive maybe.

DO you have a budget for the pedal? Cause in a similar price range I think you can get the Digitech Bad Monkey which I hear is a pretty good overdrive.
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Boss distortion pedals are a wee overated in my opinion, to much high end trebel, not enough bassy mids, icky poo poo. Plus like they said before that amp can certainly go into metal territory(if thats even what your looking for) with a OD pedal, and im pretty sure you can get some good rock tones on its own too.

But if you must buy a distortion pedal, The Metal muff is a good one or something by MXR.
the ds-1 has been around for 30+ years and has been good enough for countless beginners up to pros. its a good pedal to start out with. and a lot of people end up keeping it.
dont flame me or anything with this but can some1 explain the difference between a od pedal and a distortion pedal.
the difference between the two is explained in the FAQ. but basicly, OD is a more mild form of distortion.

as to how it can get heavy with just a single channel, if i remember correctly that has both a preamp volume and a master volume (havent played the V8 in a while so i could be wrong). if so, you can crank the preamp volume and set your overall volume with the master for a heavier sound. keep the preamp volume low and turn up the master for a clean sound.

either way, an od pedal is usually considered better for a tube amp. i would say especially if we are comparing the DS-1 and a bad monkey. the DS-1 is ok, but it isnt really anything special and you wont keep it in your rig for long. as for the bad monkey, you can always have room for an extra od pedal so there it could be part of your rig for a long time. if you can spend more then there are a lot of nicer disto pedals you could look at.
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btw, how can it get havier with just a clean channel

It's not just a clean channel. It's a single channel which will go from dirty to clean with an adjustment of the gain and master volume controls. Ever heard of a Plexi? Angus Young got his rocking overdrive with one of those, Jimi used one for nearly everything, and Jimmy Page used one. They all had cleans and overdrive (except maybe Angus ), with a single channel amp. Yeah, you can go heavy real easily.