Hi i was just wondering if there are any good and recommendable music theory guide books out there

It's something i really want to develop and the array on the internet all seem's far to scattered and confusing, so i'm looking for a concise starting guide into it - i know the rudimentry basics but i still get c onfused with some aspects of it so yeah - any recommendations? i was thinking about getting the music theories for dummies guide but im clueless in what would be good
I'm not sure on books but there's alesson on this site that helped me alot. It's called Learning music theory: the beginning. its by slash_pwns
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fretboard logic: the reason behind the guitars unique tunning. this series is pretty good.
practical theory for guitar by don latarski.

great stuff, although it's intended for jazz so it'll pretty much all be in major and use 7th 11th and 13th chords or whatever.

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Any one else have any recommendations? I'm really contemplating ordering the music theory for dummies guide at the moment