how horrible do strats go out of tune? i know squires are go horribley out of tune when you hit the whammy bar once, but how about a standard strat, do they go out of tune that much?
no. they dont go out of tune very easily.
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no. they dont go out of tune very easily.

good, i wouldnt use it to much, but i mean on my squire, if i barely touch it it goes out of tune, i just use it for like a little vibrato on chords and stuff
it really isnt the model of guitar, but the individual guitar itself. my ibanez rg goes out of tune horribly, but my girlfriends is perfect, i guess it just depends.
um a standard strat should technically stay in tune when hitting the whammy bar. of course if you take it down as low as possible, it will probably go out of tune.
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Most newer ones don't really have much of a tuning problem. A long time ago, however, they had horrible tuning stability. That's why the Floyd Rose was developed.
ok well i been convinced, i been wanting one for awhile, its been almost a year with my les paul, i really wish i would have bought a strat a long time ago, so befor long when i save up some money i think im finally gonna get one
Mine doesnt have a problem unless you do LOTS of dive-bombs. try stretching the strings on your squire and then tune up & dive bomb 3 or 4 times. that should help cuz your strings need to set
there are 3 easy solutions to this problem. 1)use heavy gauge strings. 2)buy and install locking tuners. 3)put more springs in the back. adding springs may also make it harder to use the vibrato arm though.
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i just got a fender strat h1 hss yesterday and i was testing it out and it i did like 10 dive bomb in a row and it barely went out of tune...
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Fender makes other guitars. Maybe the TS is a Tele-man.

No, he said he has a Squier that goes out of tune just by touching his trem. Teles don't have trems, so he has a Strat.
well you could add a bigsby to a tele......just sayin, but they don't come standard unless it's one of the really high end fenders
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I have a MIM Fat Strat and it stays in tune just about no matter what I do, on the other hand I have 11s on there and two extra springs on the trem.
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no. they dont go out of tune very easily.

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Theres a lot of factors involved when it comes to a guitar with a whammy bar staying in tune. I've played on Fenders that have stayed in tune wonderfully and played on guitars that go out of tune if I even touch the bridge (Floyd Roses also). Things that could help are the following:

Locking Tuners
Graphite Nut, String Trees, Saddles

My general rule is to make sure the neck is Maple, hardest neck wood so it won't shift, and TEST IT OUT BEFORE YOU BUY IT!

I've had a lot of bad luck with guitars staying in tune so when it comes down to me buying a guitar with a wank bar. I will never buy a foreign made instrument with one, sorry, but I had a Korean Lite Ash strat with locking tuners, graphite nut, graphite string trees, and graphite saddles go out of tune by BENDING on the strings with my fingers. I found out that the neck had turned soft and was bending with the string pressure.

I highly recommend buying guitars that stay in tune out of the box. Theres nothing worse than buying a guitar that you then notice has a little tuning problem and spend money on stuff that doesn't even help.
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No, he said he has a Squier that goes out of tune just by touching his trem. Teles don't have trems, so he has a Strat.

You're forgetting Jagaurs and Jazzmasters. Which squier has both made.
LSR Roller nut + Locking Tuners = stays in tune through a few dives
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looking to graph-out my jagmaster. not trying to polish a turd or anything, and i have an SG already and am putting a bigsby on it, i just saw the jagmaster and had to have it for some reason. now i have to have it stay in tune. no bombs or anything, just a little surf rock vibe.
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