ok sorry guys, now the song should be up and running

its the first song i've done in a while, so let me know what you like/dislike about it and i'll do the same for you!

link in sig, called "I Walked A While"
Sounds awesome man. I love the "straight shooter" part. Blends really well there. Singing and playing is right on, so no complaints there. Solo fits the song as well. I'll have to give your other tracks a listen.
I think you should keep the intro, but perhaps axe the outro if anything, just because the song sounds resolved and finished, then it abruptly starts in again and it just sounds a little funny.

Anyways, just put my song up. Mind taking a listen? Link in sig.
not bad. the intro was really good, clean and polished playing. your voices is pretty good. i like the melody in the chorus. the guitars are laid together really well. your tone is really good, almost professional sounding. the solo towards was really good. the rythm guitar was really good to, i didnt notice there werent any drums. keep it up, some good stuff here. crit mine, link is in my sig under recordings
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