hey guys. i need a song (genre dosent really matter) that 2 intermidiate acoustic guitariata can play. anything will be great, i just need some recomendations. please try to keep the dificulty in the intermediate zone. thanks.
Orion? Im not sure that it has two acoustic parts, but I know Rodrigo y Gabriela covered it very nicely... its a really pretty song, especially when played from acoustics
Wanted (Dead Or Alive) by Bon Jovi always sounds good done by a couple of acoustics.

both replys arew appreciated, but im looking for something a little more advanced, maybe something that would need a week or two of practice.
Classico by Tenacious D is good, my friend and I also play The Legend Of Zelda Theme duet.
Just some suggestions.




Try old metallica......there are many amazing acoustic type songs to play that have both lead and rythmn to be played together. (one, battery, fade it black, unforgiven....etc) there old stuff rules.
Yea maybe some Metallica... If you like Metallica that is. By the way I don't want to be a prick but it's "Fade to Black" not "Fade it Black".
Well two that sound really good but really aren't all that challenging... at all, are Chasing Cars acoustic by Snow Patrol and Jesus Christ by Brand New, which in my opinion sounds great on acoustic. Or the Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot by Brand New more of a challenge than Jesus Christ.
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What about Apache by the Shadows. The who??? Ok I knew I'd make you laugh, but I really used to enjoy playing this song.