I've been looking for a song for almost a year now and I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me identify the name of it. This may be difficult to those unfamiliar with the artist, but when I came across it, it was supposedley by the artist named Daedelus (a hip-hop/electronica musician) - whom I am not too familiar with (only owning one of his many CD's).

Now I can't remember the name of the track, but I thought it was called Madlib Bonus Beats, until I heard that actual track (if that helps at all).

I remember it starting quietly with the sound of birds chirping, which carried on throughout followed by the sound of a typewriter. Sounds, almost like NES tracks, came in next, followed by a giant crescendo of everything compiled with electronic drum beats.

It is an absolutely amazing song and I would love to find it again, if anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated. I hope I put this in the right forum.

Thanks in advance!
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