Here's something that I came up with pretty quickly. I'm not trying to offend anyone or sound blasphemous, sorry if this poem seems that way. It's based on a thought i've been having recently. Again, I'm not trying to sound anti-christian, since I'm (kind of) a catholic myself. Leave any of your thoughts and comments though, if you really do find it offensive, then be as harsh as you need to be .

Sleep well now child
The devil will cry tonight
Hide beneath your pillows and blanket
Let the wind blow the sunlight
To a new direction.

Sink into your dreams, child
The devil will laugh tonight
A line of poison and sperm will embrace your mother.
Let the trees and stones fight
For their own perfection.

Wake up now, child
The devil holds you tonight
Curse the skies and the heavens, God doomed you from the start.
Let the prayers take flight
Into ghostly rejection.

And now, we live to wait
In line to enter whatever gate
Is put front of us.

Fall into soil and sin,
Swear an oath you can only break
‘Cause it’s God’s plan.

Kill your wife and kids,
Then burn in your grave
‘Cause it’s God’s plan.

And before you jump the cliff
Rest assured that God knew it would come to this.

‘Cause all-knowing is He,
All-powerful is He,
All-loving is He.

So curse the skies and the heavens
As your prayers take flight into ghostly rejection.
You were doomed from the start.

It’s God’s plan.