I've been playing guitar for like 2 years now on my crappy classical guitar.. Now i want to buy an electric guitar. I have a budget of 500 € and thats like 690$ and im gonna play music like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Deep Purple, Queen and Scorpions. For that money im gonna buy an electric guitar, an amplifier, and effect pedals. Im pretty sure that im gonna buy a Vox AD15VT but not sure of what guitar . SO CMON GUYS HELP ME OUT
I'd buy the amp (it's good) and for the kind of music you play, an Epiphone Les Paul or SG. Depending on how much that comes to you might not have much cash for effects pedals but it's more important to have a good guitar and amp than it is to have pedals.
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I find the SG and the Les Paul (of the Epiphone variety that is) are pretty much the same, it's more a cosmetic thing in the end - Having played both for lengthy amounts of time that is.

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hmmm to be honest if it was me I'd save a little bit more and get something slightly better, cos soon enough you will get tired of the crappy sound you'll get from an epiphone SG, some of the upper end epiphone les pauls are good, but if you want an SG save up and get the gibson special SG, soudns as good as a standard but is cheaper cos it doesnt look as good.

Thats what i advise anyway
I think its a good choice tbh. I'd go for the same thing if i were you.

G400 is a nice guitar, go for it!

EDIT: The VOX AD15VT is cheaper here: http://www.thomann.de/gb/vox_ad15vt_valvetronix_gitarrencombo.htm?partner_id=59917

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yea i would get a MIM fat strat or an LP, i personally would get the start, but im pretty sure all of those bands use LP's, if u ever think ur going to cahnge genres, get the fat strat
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