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Anyone want to join a nation simulator where you get to go to war with other nations?

I work in my alliance's ministry of finance so I can get you loads o' cash to build your nation quick. No waiting around.

Since I can't just post links to things for fear of mod wrath you can PM me for the links or maybe they would be forgiving if you asked for them. Then again........
For those who care.
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Okie doke, I've made my nation and applied in the GATO forum.

Any pointers to start me off?
Oi, I'll do it. You PM me, your box'll be full soon.
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Do not buy land or soldiers at first unless you get a warning on your nation page. All of your first money will go into Infrastructure.

That is it for now but once you are accepted go to the ministry of Finance section and sign up immediatly for the mentorship program. There you will get help with trades and how best to spend your money and all that good stuff. Plus being in the program itself will earn you millions. Always a plus.
can you pm it to me please??
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PM me ...please?
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Right on your guide thingy, it says

This build is the best route for new nations:

***Power Build I***
Aluminum, Coal, Gems, Gold, Iron, Lumber, Marble, Silver, Water, Wheat
Bonus Resources:
Beer, Construction**, Fine Jewelry, Steel
+10.5 Happiness
+$6.50 citizen income
-1 environment
+$7.25 more per citizen
-39% infrastructure initial cost**
-18% infrastructure upkeep costs
+15% purchased land area
-5% technology cost
+28% soldier count
-$3 soldier cost
+8% citizen count

*This build is the best route for most new nations.
**Until you reach 5 technology, these stats are not accurate.

Now, I have no idea how to do this bit. Help?
Sure, when you get trades you get different bonuses, depending on the resources, that will do a number of good things for your nation including but not limited to increasing income, reducing costs, increasing population etc.

Builds are a combonation of these resources to get the best possible value. I'd wait to do all that until you have a mentor that will help you through it all but if you wanna get started I'd suggest Looking for , Gold, Silver, and marble to start with. Try to get the trades on the brown team. As a matter of fact after a few of you have your nations set up do a trade circle and trade with eachother. Let's wait and I'll help you all set that up.
So I should just leave it for now? Okiedoke.

I'll just wait around letting my people walk around in my cramped lil' nation.
If you want to try to find some trades go into the game and use the search function at the bottom. Put in what resources you would like to find and try to find nations on the brown team to trade with. With your resources I'd find Sugar, Water, spices, Cattle, Gold, Silver, Gems, Aluminum, Marble for sure. You get to make four trades for now. Don't double up on anything.
Ok, I'm waiting for the reply to my application now.
Call me Callum

Current gear - 06 MIM Strat, '02 Epiphone Les Paul, Peavey Rockingham, Tanglewood TF8, BLACKSTAR★ HT-5 Combo, EHX Holy Grail, Boss DS-1, Arion SFL-1

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Yo, I sent you a pm.
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I'll give it a shot if you're still recruiting
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pm me

edit: please?

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Can I get a PM please, just made a nation. Been interested by this game but couldn't be bothered til now
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