Sorry, I'm new to using a whammy bar, but I was wondering if standard trem systems tend to go out of tune easy when using dives and stuff or will I HAVE to find a locking trem if I want to add them to my style....sorry if its a stupid question lol!
You can use a standard trem, but it helps to have a locking trem. I have am American Strat and I can divebomb all the way to the body and it stays in tune. But that only usually happens with higher priced/quality instruments.
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You might want locking tuners if you want to do it regularly .
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u can dive with a standard trem, but not very far, i dont think they are designed for that in mind, more as a method of vibrato. A locking trem is prettymuch designed to have the crap beaten out of it and you can dive basically until the strings stick to the pickups.
and of course if u have a double locking then you can come back out of it into a crazy ass harmonic
Locking trems were designed for a reason. Standard whammy bars will stand up to above-normal level of use pretty well but don't expect to be able to pull on that thing for 15 minutes and come out in tune.