please can any one make a guitar pro tab or power tab for help me

I would like a full tab of the songs, but if no one can't I understand completely.

i searchd all over for Er Malak, Era, Epizod, Ahat, Milena guitar pro tab. i think noone ever made any. so if any one could that wil be realy nice. many will enjoy playing their songs. thank you.

I think no one ever made any tab for this bands. So if any one could that will be Great!, So .. please help :| it is importantly, but maybe the songs aren't easy, I don't know ... pls try :X I can't ((

They're a GREAT bands with amazing instrumentals and lyrics, but they are unpopular and would be great if anyone can make tab for this songs:

So... I'm uploaded a part of this songs and you can listen ... and would be great if anyone help me with power or guitar pro tabs
... if anyone can make the tab ((
the songs are:
01- Er Malak - Er malak
02- Er Malak - Gradyt (The City)
03- Er Malak - Kakvo e griah
04- Era - Basniq (fable)
05- Era - Causa Morty
06- Era - Ne e lesno (it's aint easy)
07- Era - Biurokraciq (bureaucracy)
08- Era - Suicide
09- Milena - Ne'am Nervi
10- Milena - Meso (meat)
11- Milena - Ha-Ha
12- Milena - Otgore (from above)
12- Milena - Sun (dream)
13 - Ahat (Axat) - Chernata ovca (White Crow)
14 - Ahat (Axat) - Dyrvoto (The Tree)
15 - Ahat (axat) - Pohodyt (the March)

here I'm upload a part of this songs and you can listen --> http://www.firetabs.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=80
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