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NOt bad chops, you're just a bit out of time in places. Your tone is hard to tell, but I like it, and I love your guitar.


Thanks, i accidentally put my amp too far from the cam and the backing track speakers too near, so the backing track is a but louder than the guitar.
I'd recommend working on making the solo flow more. Try to connect your ideas so it all fits together better. Also, just practice slowing it down and hitting all the notes and getting the timing right. I liked your vibratos, the pinch harmonics were done alright but a little bit overused.

You've got the right idea, keep practicing.

Crit for crit?
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Really bad. bad timing, bad phrasing, bad tone. I better stop here.

crit mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=10321490#post10321490

It wasen't good, but i wouldn't say it was horrible. The tone was bad, i blame the ss.
It wasn't too great, but not completely bad. Tone was pretty horrific and that was the first thing I noticed. Also work on your timing.
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wasnt too bad, as people said before it was a bit off in places and the tone is abit thing but everyone gotta start somewhere,

what happened to your guitar btw? did you start sanding it and get bored hehe
Sounds pretty good. Needs more polish, but overall I think you're on the right track, has a decent slow blues groove. Your chops are better than mine, I play too much rhythm blues. hehe
keep trying...I didnt like it however I dont want to discourage anyone so keep trying.
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I didn't think it was that bad at all. The timing was off at times and the tone wasn't great. I just don't think it flowed like it should. I felt like there was a lot of prases being played, but they didn't really fit together. It's strange giving that advise to someone else because that's what everyone always tells me. Keep at it, it will come with time.
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The tone, as everyone else said, was horrid. I could barely hear you playing, but I didn't want to turn it up because of that tone, so I just tried to make out what I can. Playing was pretty sloppy, pinch harmonics were used too often (one is kind of pushing it when it comes to blues), and as you said the licks because repetitve.

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