well i've been playing electric guitar for about a year now and i realised that i've been playing alot of finger picking/classical stuff on it. so i decided, i'm gonna get a classical guitar.

does anyone know any good lesson site or books for classical guitar? i want to start right from the beginning seeing that my basic theory isnt that good.

and i dont really know how to buy a classical guitar, what makes a classical guitar good? beside not having laminated top?

oh ya and 1 more thing will taking classical guitar affect my electric guitar technics negatively?
Good for you, i got given a classical guitar and have really taken to it. I dont know bout books or anything but there are some pretty good tabs on this site you can learn. learning classical definetly wont affect your electric playing, it will widen your knowledge and make you better because of the awkward chords and such.
I did this but i never really stuck with it it helped my theory a bit and i learnt some cool pieces. Frederick Node Solo Guitar Playing was the book my teacher recommended me.

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There's a classical guitar FAQ stickied in this forum, if memory recalls.

Also, I don't see how the classical guitar could hurt your electric guitar playing, unless being super awesome is a bad thing to you.
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i cant seem to find much lessons based website in the stickies.most of them are sheet music and tabs.

classical guitar dont seem so popular here is there a bigger community else where?
^ Yes there is, PM me if you want links to more specialized forums
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Well for the guitar, getting solid wood (sides, back and especially top) would be good. make sure it's solid wood not solid laminate, solid wood. those are going to be more expensive though($1000+)

for the book it depends how serious you are and how much dough you have

serious people w/ money should get

Classical Guitar Pedagogy: A Handbook for Teachers by Anthony Glise (for teachers but extremely helpful in understanding and stuff. absolutley essential if self taught) $60+ on amazon used. worth it's weight in gold(and it's a thick book)

Carcassi Guitar Method from Carl Fisher publishing. normally about $50+ or so on amazon but in this case it's only $16(probably worn). worth it's weight in gold too since it's not bastardized like other renditions of the original. features exercises and scales in every key along with a piece in that key(small but very helpful) numerous techniques, and 50 exercises progressing in difficulty(plus a few other pieces by carcasssi). at the beggining is an explanation of standard notation aswell.

Links will be up in a sec.
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