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Just came acrost this page looking for some information and help. I have played Flamenco and Classical sense i was very young. 7 0r 8 (Whatever) and i have been playing professionaly for13 years now. Thing is, the last few years i have been playing with jazz musicians. Latin Jazz and American. For about the last 1 year i have been playing Duets with straigte jazz guitarist So im always on the spot. and im having some problems. they always try and help but of course it get complecated right away. *"All it is is II V I" Tonal Harmony ect ect* I have Tons of standards of Rep. now memorized and i am getting the hang of soloing over these key Modulations. But mostly by ear.

One question i have is Where to play Melodic minor? i mean i know i can play it over the V. and i think the III. i usualy stick to the V. 1 2 b3 4 5 6 7. I love it when Melodies in Jazz or Bossa use it. But it seems they use it not just over the V and III. is there somewhere here where i can get advice or examples on where and when to play some of these Modes and patterns and be able to ask questions?

Much Thanks for your help

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When you harmonise it in diatonic sevenths you get m/maj7, m7, maj#5, M7, M7, m7b5, m7b5 extensions.

Basically, it works well over minor chords (blend it with Aeolian and Dorian). Also, make a chord progression of those chords and try jamming over them using the scale and its modes to see how they sound.