Im in a band with a very incompetant rythmn guitarist and i cant play lead worth a crap...I mean i could probably make up some stuff but im having trouble..My problem is that i dont know how to tell which key hes playing in and i dont know how to match it up even if i did know...Can somebody point me to something that would show me how to become good at this?XD Thanks
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Uh..... Well me and the other guitarist in my band just sorta switch off lead and rhythm, so we don't use key's and such. When one makes a riff, the other screws around on the fretboard until we find a good lead riff. I guess you could say we're both guitarded.
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I reccomend a carefully crafted program of mild hallucinogens with with copious amounts of cheap beer. You'll need reliable pizza delivery and a source of income. Once you have these basic building blocks you just give up all other activities and interests for about 5-7 years while you never put the instrument down. Ever. Failing this....there are some excellent books and DVDs out there. A guitar teacher is a good option. How bad do you want it? The competition wants it REAL BAD. Enjoy !!!
It takes a while of learning theory, modes, scales, and the like. Otherwise, you are born with it.

Basically, check out the first chord he will play, and the last in a progression. If he plays...Em first, then just start playing around with minor scales in the key of E. If it is D# then play with some major scales in the key of D#.
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just learn the basic notes and then you'll be able to play lead... if he starts out in e, play lead in the key of e. learn scales and arpatios in all different keys.
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I've been calling myself guitarded for years.

Mainly because I don't know a damn thing anybody talks about half the time.. I just kind of.. picked up the gutiar and ****ed around with it until I started to sound good. XD