Alright so I realized I just posted a thread about pinch harmonics but i have a problem with the action on my guitar. I searched hte threads and none had anything about warlock action.
the strings seem oddly high up off the fretboard when its gets to around fret 12 and higher, but frets 1-5 have great action.
the warlock guitar has a wierd bridge and im not sure how to adjust the action on it. it looks as though the back of the bridge (looking down on it as if your playing and on the right hand side of the bridge (for right handed players) ) is pulled up higher as if the tension on the strings pulled the back up or something - how do i fix this...?
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What Warlock is it?
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Having the action higher as you go up the fretboard is normal. But if your still concerned, pictures would help a lot.
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What Warlock is it?

I'm guessing a bronze series.
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adjust the truss rod. if you dont know what im talking about, take it to a tech to get it done.
Is the bridge leaning towards the neck?
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I'm guessing a bronze series.

Do you think someone would put an EMG in a bronze series....and he has other stuff that doesn't really match so I would say Platinum....
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