When i go to school im so bummed out,
And im showin a hint of doubt,
It gets better when she arrives,
When its last period shes the girl in 3-0-5
When i see her it gets a lot better,
Even though were not together,
Its better when shes around,
Good thing we live in the same town,
I dreamed we were together,
And maybe itll be forever,
I will be by her side,
And she will be mine,

When its last period shes the girl in 3-0-5,
She makes me feel alive,
The girl in 305,

She is the special one,
She is really someone,
I know what im gonna do,
im gonna say "can i go out with you?"
Does she know i really like her,
Does she want us to be together,
Does she even like me,
Are we even meant to be,
Will we ever have a relationship,
Or will we never start it,
Im gonna find out tomorrow,
If she will say yes or no,


Shes not the one in 4-0-4,
Shes the one that id be there for,
Shes not the one in 3-0-3,
Itll be just her and me,
Maybe there is a chance,
Maybe shell want to dance,
But if there is not,
What is it that i dont got,
Should i show her this,
What would she think of this,
Would our friendship be awkward,
Or is that thought absurd,


Im gonna tell her ill always be there,
Especially when she thinks people dont care,
But if she says no,
Then i dont know,
Shes not the girl in 5-0-5,
With her id really survive,
Shes not the girl in 8-0-8,
I would never make her wait,
But were goin to different schools,
And that wont be so cool,
Maybe well meet in another place,
And thats where our relationship will take place

chorus 2x

When its last period shes the girl in 3-0-5,
The girl in 3-0-5,
The girl in 3-0-5
When its last period shes the girl in 3 0 5.
nice job man, it reminds me of something blink-182 would do...if that's the direction you were going for in this, than you definitely nailed it

i think in some parts it seems you rhyme things just so they rhyme...but the majority of it, flows together quite well, and i think with music would be a really solid song.

crit mine?