hi i have a question about the modes (dorian, phrygrian, lydian, mixolydian, and aeolian) i was wondering if they all fit together somehow and go up and down the neck like the pentatonic or are they all seperate scales? i would very much appreciate any help u can give me thanks
I think they fit together. But i'm gonna have to say that there's a reason behind the names.

But I would also like to know how they work together.

I found this on google so...

Im not really sure what to think.
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The modes of the major scale are in fact all totally separate scales themselves.
Like any scale, any of them go up and down the entire neck.

EVERY scale has modes, not just major.

When you say "major scale", it also implies the first mode (ionian) -- part of the
reason people are confused about scales and modes.

A scale is BOTH: a collection of notes within an octave of each other AND assigning
a sequential scale degree to each note. That's why modes of the major scale are,
in fact, scales as well (the share the same notes, but the degrees are different).

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