hey everyone, ive been workin all summer to build up a lot fo money but i had to spend it all to fix up my car for college....so im gonna be goin into college with about $500.....any ideas to gain more money.......no selling drugs or illegal **** like that...but i do plan to sell blood and sperm a lot.....any other ideas?
sell yourself on the streets sell guitars idk
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heres what you do, you go to the corner of the nearest blvd, you take out your guitar (possibly buy a mini amp for $40-100) keep your case open, and make a sign sayin "help me get some colledge money" and jam on your guitar singing some songs, lol alexi liaho did it before but he got arrested XD...
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well im playing around with stocks just to get the idea of business and for extra money.. its a 2 in 1 thing. (unless i lose the money lol)
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college loans are good. also...u need to look into the pell grant. its for low income families(no im not calling you poor) u get free money that u dont have to pay back, however, the amount is based on income and how expensive ur college is.