A friend of mine recently gave me a well used Yamaha FG-365S as a gift. I have no real intentions of selling it, as it was a sentimental gift and I'm also budding into a decent songwriter, and I've always wanted an acoustic.

But just so that I know what I have, anybody know what these go for used and new?

The one I have is not in great condition, it has several imperfections on the body, many discolorations and scrapes, and one scratch the in the wood that does not effect the sound at all. Also, there is no harm warming or damage to the frets or neck. It also has a dark colored tortoise shell guard, with no scratches or imperfections on it.

Any help would be appreciated.
New ones go for 300-370 dollars (us) depending where you get it. Used ones are in the 250 range.
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Is there anyway I can tell the year mine was made in, is it show somewhere on the body or anything? And would newer models be worth more than older, or vice versa, or no difference?

this site is helpful. just scroll down to find your model. yamaha.com has an archives section, that'll tell you it's specs. nice guitar, by the way. i recently aquired a FG375SII. it's sound, has rekindled my appreciation of acoustic guitar.
well done, Yamaha!

Edit: the label in the soundhole will tell you where it's made. very small writing at the bottom of the label. mine says, made in taiwan, republic of china. the serial number is stamped just inside the soundhole, at the end of the fretboard.
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