im a novice guitar player. ive been playing since christmas 2006. i dont have real expensive equipment and nothing fancy but im slowly upgrading my gear. lately i have had the urge to create my own music and write my own songs. i dont know where to begin i keep getting ideas in my head about lyrics or instrumental pieces to add. before i can get a pen and paper i forget it or i only remember some of it. i have soo many ideas its crazy. i dont know where to begin. what instrument should i start out with or should i start with lyrics or both? is there any advice i could get with this?
I always write poems... then I try to put them to music, but it doesn't work. So I think I'm just going to take lines from the poems and put them into a song. I think I might start trying to write a song first, on guitar, then write the lyrics. I think it's easier.

But just keep a notebook for your ideas. Thats what I have. Its filled with scribbles and unreadable lines that I write down in the middle of the night in the dark.
dude if u get a cool riff or lyrical line in ur head, just build off it in ur head or start playing it on ur guitar before u try to write it down. it will be easier to remember what it sounds like. if ur gonna start with anything, try to start with guitar. i find it easiest to build off of it when im writing something. it kinda sets the whole thing.
Do whichever you have the idea for initially, it will inspire the other instruments. I generally do lyrics or guitar first, and then bass/drums.