as it says I am trying to attach a 2.67 MB file to an email, and I was wondering how long it usually takes, I also have dial up which will probably make it slower, thanks for the help.
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ok, now, where do I put the icy hot patch on the comp???????????

and anyway can I get a serious answer please?
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ok, now, where do I put the icy hot patch on the comp???????????


you have dial-up, id recommend coming back to it in like 2 hours.
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2.6 megs takes about 12 minutes to upload. Depending on where you're sending it there may be additional delays. It will take no less then 12 minutes. It will take up to 25 minutes worse case on crummy dial up lines. If you have dial up you're either too cheap to get broadband which is that case you're probably more like 12 minutes because you're probably in an ok area of town to get decent enough phone service. If you are in an area that doesnt have broadband (I've lived in areas where on one side of the street you have 5 or 7 meg broadband for like 39 bucks and on the other side of the street you have 256k DSL for 59 bucks or else dial up. If you lived in just the right spot you could get 512k DSL for 99 bucks.

Anyway... you get the idea. I've seen guys in my area where their phone service is rock solid while other people living a few miles away live in a canyon area that have phone service that cuts out every other day. The ones that cut out every other day with "56k dialup" gets about 14k of usable bandwidth out of it on a good day...

He is supposed to get 24 minute upload on that size of a file but it actually takes him most of the time up to an hour...
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